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If your property has recently been damaged and your insurance claim has been unpaid or partially paid, it’s time to call our Lawyers. Vega Legal Group, LLC., quickly and efficiently helps homeowners and commercial property owners dispute with insurance companies that fail to rightfully compensate their clients.

At Vega Legal Group, we provide legal services to homeowners with damages to their homes. Insurance Policies cover many damages sustained by homes, but most of the time they will unfairly deny claims or withhold proper payment for repairs. If your insurance company has denied your claim, our team is here to assist you. We have extensive knowledge of the insurance process and industry, and we, with our expert team will use that knowledge to assist you inside and outside the courtroom. There is no cost for the client unless payment is issued by the insurance company.

There are many law firms who hold themselves out to be bilingual. But it frequently turns out that only one secretary or paralegal speaks any Spanish at all. That makes communicating with your lawyer difficult at best.

At Vega Legal Group, all of our lawyers and paralegals are fluent in Spanish. If you have to give a deposition or a statement to an insurance company or law enforcement, you are guaranteed that a lawyer will be present with you to make sure your words are accurately translated and your meaning understood. This will help when we do statements and depositions requested by the insurance company, as we can intervene on our client’ s behalf when the translation is inaccurate. That kind of service is something that many law firms simply can’t offer.